We at AAhorizon Limited take care of your generator so you can forget you even own one.

A company you can trust

AA Horizon offers a reliable solution to electricity supply shortages by providing continuous and uninterrupted power to its clients.

  • Predictive maintenance ensures that our engineers regularly service your generator before it has a problem.
  • A team of quality engineers who have graduated from our own training program and whom are reliable will maintain your generator with the expertise to ascertain the problem and fix it immediately.
  • Peace of mind is guaranteed with a standard three year warranty and 24/7 on call service availablility.

A company you can depend on

  • Excellent after sales service includes immediate replacement of any malfunctioning machine to ensure that there is no downtime in electricity.

A company that provides for all of your needs

  • A “one stop shop” for an extensive selection of parts including pumps, compressors, tools and AVRs (Alternate voltage regulators).