AAHorizon Limited through its extensive products range can offer you a power for rent.We provide Generator sets ranging 20KVA-2500KVA.
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Turnkey LV & MV Solutions

AAHorizon offers a wide range of Low & Medium Voltage products, Technical know-how and Experience to bring your projects to life

Built on a strong foundation of high standards and quality product line, we pride ourselves in setting the standards, when it comes to reliable and trust worthy solutions for special requirements. We provide Utility, Industrial and Commercial customers with safe and smart solutions for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

On Turnkey solutions, we focus on:

  • Supplying equipment for LV & MV transmission and distribution
  • Rehabilitation and up gradation of existing systems
  • Designing and developing our own solutions to fit with customer needs

Our extensive offerings include, but not limited to:

  • Power & Distribution Transformers 50 – 5000 KVA up to 24 kV
  • Ring Main Units
  • Switchgears [Indoor & Outdoor with SCADA]
  • Power Cables LV & MV
  • Termination Kits [Commissioning and Installation]
  • Metal and Concrete Poles
  • Transmission Poles & Towers
  • Overhead Conductors and Accessories [ACSR, ACCR, ABC]
  • Switches, Disconnectors, Sectionalizers and Fused Cutouts
  • Test & Measuring Equipments
  • Energy Meters

Generator sets available ranging up to 2500 KVA.

Our Power Plant solutions can be categorized as Standalone application to serve Residential as well as Commercial sectors, with both low and medium voltage, as per customer’s requirements.

AAHorizon Ghana Limited through its extensive products range, efficiently eliminates the risk of downtime to its customers’ businesses.Our extensive line of versatile Power Products allows us to offer effective Power Solutions to unique requirements in the shortest possible time.AAHorizon limited maximize value for customers by providing complete and optimized Power Solutions that is best suited to their needs. These solutions help them to achieve their business objectives and ultimately, better serve their markets.

AAHorizon limited offers you not only a wide range of ready to install products but also technical and advisory support for Selection and Application, as well as After Sales Services.Necessary training is also imparted to end users, enabling them to become familiar with AAHorizon  Products its use and application.

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Buy Refurbished Generators from AAHorizon Ghana with six month warranty.

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